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Greetings gang. We trust you are all well and are keeping safe during this time of crisis. We have integrated a Global Chart that shows the number of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases. Check it out and keep updated.

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  2. I hope she still winning, when another man does to her what you express as your opinion here
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  4. The Government reported that Jamaica has recorded its first death from the coronavirus (COVID-19). He is a 79-year-old male from Clarendon with a travel history to New York. He was known to have had diabetes and hypertension. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Dunstan Bryan, made the disclosure during a press conference at Jamaica House on Wednesday (March 18), where he announced that the country now has 15 confirmed COVID-19 cases. “It is on a sad note that we announce our first death from COVID-19,” he said. Mr. Bryan noted that the deceased was among two patients who had tested positive for the virus during the last 24 hours. A total of 11 tests were made available by the National Influenza Centre over the period. The other nine results were negative. Mr. Bryan said that the deceased had presented to the Lionel Town Hospital on March 16 with fever, cough and shortness of breath. He was subsequently transferred to the Mandeville Public General Hospital where he was isolated and treated, and had showed signs of improvement on Tuesday (March 17). The patient died during the process of being transferred from the Mandeville Hospital to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) at approximately 3:00 p.m. Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary said that the Ministry is awaiting the results of six tests.
  5. I thought the same thing as well @Don but I doubt that is going to happen.
  6. Hey @www.vendortube.com, yes unfortunately. however, because of how the virus grows the heat in Ja will kill it. Apparently it will not survive in temperatures too hot or cold. I guess only time will tell.
  7. Jamaica has recorded its first imported case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, provided details at a press conference at the Ministry of Health and Wellness in New Kingston, on Tuesday (March 10). Dr. Tufton pointed out that the patient is in isolation at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston. “The patient is a Jamaican female who had travelled from the United Kingdom, which has cases of COVID-19. She arrived in the island on March 4, presented to the public health system on March 9 and has been in isolation since then,” the Minister noted. “Based on the patient’s travel history and symptoms, health professionals suspected COVID-19. A clinical sample was collected and sent to the National Influenza Centre, where laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis today at approximately 11:00 a.m. The patient and family members have been informed,” he added. Dr. Tufton said the patient’s infection was travel-related, and steps are being taken to prevent the risk of community spread, which includes the dispatch of a health team to the home of the patient for assessment and initiation of public health measures; the identification and contact tracing for all possibly exposed persons, and a meeting of Ministry officials with members of staff at the hospital and the necessary interventions put in place. Click here to read more.
  8. Hello @Don, welcome to the forums. Well the a statement was publish from the Prime Minister that the health sector is more than ready should this be so let hope that they will be ready.
  9. Regardless of the country being ready, if it reaches the shores of Jamaica, a lot of poor people will die.
  10. Interesting topic. I thought the government of Jamaica was going to relaunch the railway.... wonder what happened to that
  11. Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says Jamaica is ready to deal with any impact that could result from the potential outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) locally. Speaking at a meeting of the National Disaster Risk Management Council at Jamaica House on Thursday (March 5), Mr. Holness said the Government is always in a state of readiness and preparedness for eventualities. “It is not only when there is a disaster or a looming disaster that our disaster risk management system is operational. Our disaster risk management system is always operational. There is always a level of planning, there is always a level of response,” he assured. The meeting was convened to discuss the COVID-19 threat and Jamaica’s level of preparedness. The Prime Minister noted that while the COVID-19 threat is “a serious situation that requires diligence and an elevated sense of caution”, there is no need for panic. “There is no doubt in my mind that the human and technical capacity exists to overcome this threat. We will overcome the threat, and so there is no need for panic and savagery and baseless behaviour,” he said, noting that panic sometimes leads to actions that can have long-term effects on the economy and how Jamaica is viewed as a hospitable, open and friendly society. Mr. Holness said the Government is aware that the virus is a threat that is likely to be an occurrence in the country and has, therefore, been putting measures in place to prevent the virus from getting on to Jamaica’s shores. Click Here To Read More.
  12. The ruler of Dubai ordered the kidnapping of two of his own children and conducted a ‘campaign of fear and intimidation’ against his former wife, the High Court has ruled. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s sixth wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, 45, fled to London from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last April after becoming ‘terrified’ of her husband at the beginning of last year. The 70-year-old vice president and prime minister of the UAE – who is said to be on ‘respectful and friendly terms’ with the British royal family – was accused of using ‘the state and its apparatus to threaten, intimidate, mistreat and oppress with a total disregard for the rule of law’, in a damning publication by one of Britain’s most senior judges. Soon after his wife fled, Sheikh Mohammed applied for the summary return to Dubai of their daughter Al Jalila, 12, and son Zayed, eight. Click Here To Read more. What are your thoughts on this guys?
  13. The number of coronavirus cases in the UK has now reached 163, the government has confirmed. It is a jump of 48 cases since Thursday - the biggest increase in one day. More than 20,000 people have been tested. Meanwhile, samples taken from an elderly man who died at Milton Keynes Hospital are currently being investigated for coronavirus. The BBC understands the man, in his 80s, had underlying health issues but more tests for the virus are ongoing. The UK's first death linked to the virus came on Thursday, after a woman with underlying health conditions in her 70s died in hospital in Reading. As well as her death in the UK, a British man also died from the virus last month after being infected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan. The Department of Health said as of 7:00 GMT on Friday, 20,338 people had been tested. The latest number of confirmed cases comprises 147 cases in England, 11 in Scotland, three in Northern Ireland and two in Wales. Of the cases in England there are: 29 in London 24 in the South East 22 in the South West Click Here To Read More.
  14. Hail Massive, We are pleased to announce a new feature here on the forum. We have installed a chatroom so that we can chat in real time. Over time, we will add more features to this update so stay tuned. Come and join the madness If experience any issues, please let us know. Enjoy
  15. Hello @www.vendortube.com, welcome to the forum I can assure you we are all concerned. in my opinion, Jamaica are not equipped to handle something as deadly as this. Scientist have now reached a point where they are convinced that the virus has now started to evolve into something greater. do you know anyone who have contracted the virus?
  16. Hello Brittany, welcome to the forum. why is this?
  17. Is anyone concerned or aware of the lethal capabilities of the coronavirus? What will we do if it finally takes full effect on our little island? There's no telling how fast it can mathematically introduce itself, multiply itself then subtract a vast majority of our already small population of 2.8 million people. Having that said, ensure to reach this informative article on how to equip, prepare and prevent yourself from contracting the already deadly disease. I will be link here: How is Coronavirus spread?
  18. Hello RealAnn, thank you for visiting the island. The rental industry here in Jamaica is very over saturated. Therefore, it's not hard to rent a car at an affordable price. Basically everywhere you go you can see a place that rents or sells cars. I would definitely recommend this website to you if you ever come back on the island. It's called VendorTube
  19. 1. Small Snake Population There are very few snakes on the island of Jamaica. The mongoose was imported to Jamaica to rid the cane fields of rats in 1872. As an added benefit, the mongoose has killed off almost the entire population of snakes. So running across a snake is a rare occurrence in Jamaica but when you and if you do, they look something like this. 2. Foreign Crops The original inhabitants of Jamaica, the Arawak, grew corn and yams. Today, the major crops of Jamaica include sugar cane, bananas, and mangoes. None of these crops are native to the island; they were imported to the island at varying times in the island’s history. Coconut Palms, breadfruit, and bamboo were also imported to the island. 3. Bond, James Bond British writer, Ian Fleming is famous for his 007 James Bond character. After designing his dream home, Ian Fleming choose to have it built in Jamaica and name it Goldeneye. In Jamaica, he wrote ten of his world renowned James Bond spy thrillers. 4. Olympic Winners In 1988, Jamaica became the first tropical country to enter a Winter Olympic event. It was the bobsled event. The movie, Cool Runnings, tells the story of the Jamaica’s first foray in to the Winter Olympics. Only the United States has won more Olympic and World medals than Jamaica. 5. Flags of the World Jamaica is one of only two countries in the world that has no colors in common with the flag of the United States of America. The other country is Mauritania (green and yellow). Libya used to have a solid green flag but has since changed it to include red and white. The Jamaican flag is green, yellow, and black. Two yellow stripes intersect in an X with green filling in the top and bottom and black on either side. 6. Innovative Jamaica Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to build a railroad. They built their railroad a mere 18 years after Britain built theirs. AT&T copied Jamaica’s telephone system because it was so well developed. In 1994, Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to launch its own website. 7. Blue Mountains and Moons The stunning Blue Mountains in Jamaica are named for the mist that covers them. From a distance, the mist appears blue. A second moon in a month is called a blue moon; however, there have been half a dozen sittings of sapphire colored moons in the past 40 years. 8. Orchids Everywhere Over 200 species of Orchids grow wild on the island of Jamaica. 73 of the species are unique to Jamaica. There are a 1,000 species of trees and 500 species of ferns. Jamaica is the best place to see wild flora and fauna.
  20. Efforts are underway for the establishment of a library and museum to honour reggae great Dennis Brown. The foundation set up to preserve the work and legacy of the singer, popularly referred to as the Crown Prince of Reggae, has commenced. Brown's contemporary and close friend, Freddie McGregor, shared the update with a massive audience gathered on the Kingston waterfront on Sunday for the annual tribute concert dedicated to Brown. Speaking to the Jamaica Observer following his performance, McGregor noted that the foundation's efforts were previously concentrated on the concert. Now that the event is on its feet, the next project is a library and museum. Click Here to Read More.
  21. Mia Dailey, the one-year-old who was shot by gunmen as they slaughtered a man at West Street in downtown Kingston Sunday morning, is responding after surgery, a relative told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. “She’s responding, but there is no feeling in her legs,” the relative said. “The X-ray suggests that there is some injury to her spine, so they are doing further tests to determine the extent of the damage, and they’ve brought in a specialist to consult on the matter.” Mia, who had been seated on a chair outside her house awaiting her bottle, was shot in her abdomen and spine when gunmen attacked and murdered 43-year-old Andon Robinson, shortly after 7:00 am. Click Here To Read More.
  22. Hail Massive, We are happy to announce a new feature on the forum called Members Award This system provides administrators the ability to award their members with badges that show in their profile and, if chosen, on their posts. Members can also earn awards and rewards based on; Content Count Profile Completeness Profile View Count Reputation Level starting a Topic in a Specific Forum More on what awards and rewards will follow. Stay tuned for more.
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    Published in 1924, Jamaica Anansi Stories includes folklore (including animal stories, modern stories and old stories), transcriptions of folk music, and a large collection of riddles, all cross-referenced with folklore studies from other cultures. The trickster Anansi, originally a West African spider-god, lives on in these tales. Anansi is the spirit of rebellion; he is able to overturn the social order; he can marry the Kings' daughter, create wealth out of thin air; baffle the Devil and cheat Death. Even if Anansi loses in one story, you know that he will overcome in the next.
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