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Greetings gang. We trust you are all well and are keeping safe during this time of crisis. We have integrated a Global Chart that shows the number of Coronavirus COVID-19 cases. Check it out and keep updated.

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    Thank you for visiting us. The fact that you are here means that you belong here.
    So if you haven't already registered, below are some reasons why you should!

    • We share a passion If you search for the meaning of community, you’ll find the definition as people who share common interests. That’s why the universe has cooking clubs and we have "The Jamaican Forum"!
    • We are diverse There’s no entry requirement if you want to join our community. People with different backgrounds can connect and share their passion with each other.
    • There's an abundance of amazing content Whether you're a YouTube or professional publishers, we all work in perfect harmony to create content our community love.
    • We Love Music There’s something special about reggae music which brings us all together.
    • You get a dose of daily laughs The internet is full of eye-watering hilarious memes, fails, wins and comedy. All you need to do is to search our forum and be prepared to be entertained for hours.
    • Motivation to live the dream As auto enthusiasts, we dream about cars on a daily basis. As community members we share ideas that give fellow petrolheads and give them something new to work towards.
    • We never stop learning Given the technical complexity of our time today, there’s a lot to learn about how they work. there is a thirst to carry on educating ourselves.
    • There's always a place we can call home True communities need their own platforms. Our website allows interactions between all members with no discrimination, no favouritism and no cost.
    • Social Network Follow our social platforms and to stay up to date with what is new and trending.
    • We're one big family? There’s something special about being a car nut which brings us all together. We form friendships through cars and get to know people we otherwise might’ve passed by in the street.

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The Jamaican Forum is a public informational discussion board base around the Jamaican Culture where people from all walks of life can feel relax in discussing a wide range of topics with other members. Click here to read more!

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